I was on a jobsite the other day, nearing the completion of a septic system installation and it occurred to me that although I see this kind of thing often, other people may be curious about what is under those green lids in their yard…septic tanks!  This is a small 2-bedroom residential system, regular pressure to shallow pressure bed.

Arrow Septic Design Mason County

While I was there, I got a quick video of the tank being set in the tank hole.  (FYI – I think this tank delivery truck is pretty freaking amazing.)  This is a 1,000 gallon 2-compartment septic tank being set next to a 1,000 gallon pump chamber.


And below is the finished product…

Arrow Septic Design Mason County

So, when you see those green lids in your yard, there are actually HUGE tanks under there, doing their jobs…treating and disposing of your household wastewater.  Fascinating, right?  🙂