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The majority of our work in in residential construction. We work with your contractor, or the homeowner directly to customize your septic design to suit your specific site and meet your needs.

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We have experience with light commercial projects such as small businesses, multi-family housing, office usage calculations, churches, etc.



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“Paula is the best! She provided a detailed explanation of the process, my options, and considerations beyond the scope of the septic design. She handled all of the details with the county and provided me with an approved septic design…I didn’t have a single interaction with the county for the entire process. 5 out of 5 stars! Thank you Paula!”

Philip C.

“I can’t recommend Arrow septic designs enough! Paula is absolutely amazing. She communicated with me throughout the entire process. We purchased a waterfront property and the septic design was complicated and needed a variance. Paula was able to get it approved on the first go around. I can’t thank her enough because without this approval we wouldn’t be able to build. Thanks Paula!!!”

Melissa W.

“I consulted with Neighbors who had Septic Systems installed in the last few years. Arrow Septic Designs kept coming up as the place to call. I spoke with Paula and felt from initial conversations that she would do a great job.

I am happy to say working Paula was fantastic. She spent the time needed to understand my construction build to design the best Septic Solution for my needs. Paula is responsive to questions via email, text and phone.

I had Paula handle all the permit and design submissions for me and she kept me up to date on the status of the permit approval process and all the way through the “As Built” Submission.  I would recommend Paula and Arrow Septic Designs for your Septic System needs.”

Jeff S.

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to understand the process so you feel confident every step of the way! 

What if my septic system has failed and I cannot afford to pay for a new replacement system?

We have worked on dozens of projects in partnership with a wonderful organization that provides low interest septic replacement loans, they are called Craft3 and here is a link to their website where you can apply right online for their Clean Water Loan:

Their interest rates are based on your income level and they beat rates of most banks and credit unions. Plus, we have found their staff to be kind, understanding people who make the process as smooth as possible.

How do I know what kind of septic system I will get?

Your septic system will be customized to your site based on your planned usage, soil type, and soil depth. Planned usage, such as the number of bedrooms, and your soil type determine drainfield size. Your native soil depth determines your system type such as gravity, pressure, pretreatment, or mound. We will design you the simplest and most cost-effective system based on your circumstances that meets all state and local regulations and will meet your specific needs.

How do I know which installers I can trust?

Mason County has a list of certified installers that you can choose from. We can help narrow down recommendations based on where your property is located in Mason County. We can refer you to specific contractors who have a proven track record and who have worked with us successfully on previous projects.

How long will my process take?

Once we gather all of the information about your project, the first step is to get test holes dug and brush out the site in the area you would like the drainfield to be placed. From this point, we can typically visit your site within a couple of weeks. After our site visit, we will send you a layout drawing for review and approval. After your approval, we complete the design packets and submit them to the county health department. The health department typically reviews designs within 4-6 weeks depending on the time of year and work volume.

Of course, on an urgent repair system, these timeframes are expedited.

What kind of payments do you take?

Most of our clients prefer to pay by check! We take all forms of payment... cash, check, money order, or credit card.

Payment of Mason County fees must be made in a separate check or money order, sent to our address so we can submit it with your paperwork. We do not pass their funds through our books.

“I highly recommend Arrow Septic Designs for your septic needs.”

Dinah G.

“Paula is fantastic! Her professionalism and communication is top notch! I highly recommend her for your septic design needs. She has done two designs for me in the last 4 years. Both ended up saving me money since we were able to do a more traditional system vs the high maintenance/expensive systems that are out there.”

Joy M.

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